This Moment

Inspired by SouleMama

costume sewingWe’ve been busy this week doing some costume sewing.  I’m so very, very glad that Phoebe is a proficient sewer.  I can read the pattern and pin and she can sew.

Have a lovely weekend, Friends!

SchneiderPeeps The April Garden

The April Garden

Our garden looking pretty good right now.  It's been a little cooler than normal and we got a later start than normal in planting our plants but all in all I feel pretty good about our garden right … [Read More...]

SchneiderPeeps Making Homemade Pita Bread

Making Pita

We're not huge sandwich eaters around here but sometimes sandwiches are just so convenient, like when we're traveling.  So I've been trying to perfect the art of pita is an art you … [Read More...]

SchneiderPeeps Catching a swarm of bees

Relocating Bees

  In case you don't already know, Gabriel is our resident beekeeper. He's 16 and is building quite a business for himself. It's really exciting to watch. Every week we get calls from people … [Read More...]

This Moment

Inspired by SouleMama... This week I got to take Gabriel to go catch a swarm for someone. Carl is usually the one to take him so it was really fun for me get to go this time. I'll have a full post … [Read More...]