How to make your own body powder

Body powder is such a needed body care product during the summer. Unfortunately, most store bought body powders contain questionable ingredients, but you can easily make your own. Learn how in this article Goodness, it’s hot around these parts! Probably not any hotter than any other June but since we’ve switched from antiperspirant to deodorant I notice the effects of the heat much more. So, Esther and I decided that everyone needed some body powder to help keep us all feeling fresh. 

So, we made some. I’ve made this many times before and it’s super easy and feels so wonderful. Best of all, all the ingredients are things that are safe so I feel really good about making this for everyone in our family, even the little one. 

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Put equal parts of arrowroot, non-gmo corn starch and bentonite clay in a bowl and mix them together. You can use kaolin clay if you want to, it’s a cosmetic clay that is a little finer than bentonite clay, but it’s also more expensive. We reserve kaolin clay for face powder and use bentonite clay for body powder. 

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Put about 1/4 cup of the mixture in a small bowl and add the essential oils you want to use. You will use about 20 drops per 1 cup of total body powder that you have. Esther used a combination of grapefruit and clove bud for hers. I used a combination of lavender and sweet orange oil for mine.  You can use a fork or the back of a spoon to fully mix the essential oil into the powder. A mortar and pestle is helpful for this step. 

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Or use a coffee mill that you reserve for herbal preparations. 

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This is what we like to use. Not only does it disperse the essential oils throughout the powder, it also makes the powder a little finer. 

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If you’re only making one scent, you can mix the body powder that has the essential oil in it into the body powder that doesn’t. Mix well. 

If you’re making more than one scent you can put the scented body powder into a jar and add more of the unscented powder and mix it together. 

Wipe out your coffee mill and make another scent. 

IMG_3585 (Custom)

Here are mine and Esther’s. Esther put her little body powder puff that we made in her jar so her’s isn’t as full.

Before we get to the printable recipe, I wanted to let you know about the Ultimate Herbs and Essential Oils bundle that’s available through June 27th. I’m not going to tell you ALL about it because that would take quite a while but I do want to mention that there is a Vintage Remedies Herbs and Oils course ($195 value!) in the bundle and Chris Dalziel from Joybilee Farm has her brand new – can’t even buy it yet – book on growing and using herbs. I bought the bundle as soon as it was available and have been reading Chris’ book each evening. I have taken so many notes for next year’s herb garden! If want learn more about the bundle, there’s a short video on this page

Homemade Body Powder
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  1. 1 part arrowroot
  2. 1 part non-­gmo cornstarch
  3. 1 part bentonite clay (or kaolin clay)
  4. 20 drops essential oils for each cup of body powder
  1. To make homemade powder we use a combination of arrowroot, non­-gmo cornstarch, bentonite clay and/or kaolin clay.
  2. To make the powders, mix everything but the essential oils together first.
  3. Then take about 1/4 cup of the  powder and  mix in the essential oils
  4. (a mortar and pestle will help greatly with this part).
  5. Then mix the powder with the oil into the plain powder.
  6. Put it in a jar with a lid.
Body powder is such a needed body care product during the summer. Unfortunately, most store bought body powders contain questionable ingredients, but you can easily make your own. Learn how in this article

What are some of your favorite body care products to make? 


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