Biscuits and scones, anyone?

SchneiderPeeps - There is a difference between biscuits and scones. Find out what it is and some amazing recipes of each.Being from the South (Texas specifically) we like our biscuits, in fact I had never heard of a scone until I was an adult. Don’t laugh; I lived a sheltered life. But, oh my, the first time I ate a scone, I knew I didn’t want my children growing up quite as sheltered as I was. ;-)

So what exactly is the difference between biscuits and scones? Basically, and this is very basic, biscuits are not sweet, are usually made with shortening or lard and if they have anything added to them it’s savory like cheese or sausage. Scones are made with butter, lightly sweet and often include raisins or other dried fruit. 

Now, there are some who have strong opinions about the proper way to make and cut a biscuit or a scone and what exactly to call them. (To further complicate things, in the UK a biscuit is what we in the US call a cookie.) Since I don’t have strong opinions on food, you can call biscuits “scones” or scones “biscuits” and as long as they taste good, it’s fine by me. 

February is National Hot Breakfast month and I’ve teamed up with nine other bloggers and several amazing sponsors to bring you hot breakfast ideas for each week in February (similar to what we did in October for Cookie Month).  As a little preview, I thought I’d share with you some of the best biscuit and scone recipes from these bloggers.




SchneiderPeeps - Cranberry Lemon Drop Biscuits make a great snack. They can be made a head of time and frozen for a quick grab and go treat.
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What is your favorite biscuit or scone recipe?  Feel free to leave links or recipes in the comments.

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