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Wild Honey

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I’m not sure if it happens with all beekeepers or not, but ever since people have found out that Gabriel is keeping bees he’s had several request to come get bees that are living where people don’t want them.

This was one of those adventures. There were some bees living in a old propane tank lid. So the guys went out to capture them. These bees were very tame for wild bees so they brought them home to start another hive. We really like the sturdiness of wild bees and are hoping to re-queen them with a domestic queen to help with the aggressiveness.

Once the bees were out of the hive it didn’t look quite so nice.

The guys brought home the propane lid and started the process of separating the honey from the wax. They used some of the comb to lay a foundation on a couple of frames in the new box for the bees.

They used this shirt to help strain the solids from the honey. When they were done they hung it up in the bee yard. The bees loved it.

They got about 3 quarts of honey from their little adventure. Fortunately for me, this is honey we’ll use. Gabriel will sell the honey from the hives when we harvest but probably not this wild honey.

Just in time for our fall allergy season…

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