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::this week::

This week we are…

loving the almost 2 inches of rain we have gotten
cooking lots and lots of salsa
smelling like we live in a Mexican Food Restaurant – even the post office lady made a comment when I had to “run ever so quickly” to mail wedding shower invites.

 wondering how quarter pound tomatoes can be grown from a seed labeled “cherry tomatoes”?
thanking a friend who gave the boys a riding lawn mower and a daddy who helped them get it running
getting ready for children’s camp next week

feeling very grateful for the tomatoes from one friend and the peppers from another
shaking my head whenever the kids say “Guess what?” and have taught Esther to say “chicken butt”
appreciating my children for all the help they have given me

canning grape jelly and plum jam
missing Christian and Josiah – they are halfway through a 65 mile hike in New Mexico
wanting them to come home soon
wishing you a very wonderful weekend!

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