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getting ready for camp

Monday we’ll be going to children’s camp-  Phoebe and Benjamin as campers, me as a teacher, Gabriel as a helper and Esther…well, we’ll just consider her our group’s mascot.

One thing I’m really excited about is that my friend Katie of Always Simply Begin wrote the curriculum. As a teacher I really appreciate that all the parts of her curriculum are relevant to the focus points. That is not the case with all curriculum. Katie is a very gifted writer and has some great devotionals on her blog. If you are really wanting to think deeply about your walk with Christ I would suggest subscribing to her blog.

I had hoped to get up some scheduled blog posts, but with canning and mothering and helping some friends move and mothering and canning and packing and being a wife… well, you get the picture…I’m a slacker on the blog posts. So go on over and read some of Katie’s posts and come back on Thursday for the Summer Sewing School post.

Have a great beginning to your week!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!