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The May Garden

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SchneiderPeeps - The May Garden

Our garden is full and green and lush right now. I’m trying to enjoy it, knowing that sometime in the next 8 weeks it will become dry and brown and ugly. The pests have been relatively few although my crazy kale has aphids and the pill bugs seem to be multiplying like rabbits. Speaking of rabbits we’ve had to fence off our garden since our neighbors decided to just let their pet rabbits go. They’ve managed to eat all of our stevia and comfrey, most of the mint and even my fig tree. So, I’m having to rethink where I can now plant things.

Cara Cara oranges in the May gardenOur Cara Cara trees are the only citrus with fruit :-(. I’m not sure what happened our lemon tree had lots of blooms but it didn’t hold onto any of the fruit. Good thing we have friends who will let us pick their trees.

May 2014 gardenThis is one view of part of the garden. We have popcorn in the first bed and then repeater onions. In the next bed is our crazy kale that I planted in the fall of 2012 and I’m hoping will seed soon. We have some green beans which, of course, I don’t have enough of. It’s the same thing year after year.

buckwheat bloomsWe planted buckwheat in with some of our tomatoes this year as an experiment. The bees are loving it, it seems to be keeping the weeds down. I could have cut it before it bloomed and used as mulch but decided to let it go to seed and collect the seeds.

green tomatoesWe have some beautiful green tomates on quite a few of our plants. They seem to be ripening slower this year but I think it’s because we’ve had a cooler spring than normal.

pole beansWe also planted some pole beans. And yes, that is part of a futon frame. Carl thinks I’m crazy but once it’s covered with vines it will be beautiful, right?

lemon cucumbersHelp me out here, these are supposed to be lemon cucumbers and according to the package they are supposed to be the size of  a large lemon. These are the size of a softball. I’m hoping we didn’t get our transplants mixed up and now don’t have any cucumbers. Have you ever grown lemon cucumbers?

summer squashOur squash and zucchini bed is quite full. I over planted because last years crop was so pitiful. I may have gone overboard but I have friends who will help us out. I know some of the plants look like they ahve powdery mildew, they don’t. This variety has had those spots since the beginning. I have several varieties as I just mainly used left over seeds this year.

Did you know you can eat the leaves like other greens? You can. I have a friend who is from Kenya and she showed me how to prepare them. I’ll show you soon. onionsI planted these onions by seed in January which is late for us. I’ve also never planted onions by seed. I think in the future I will only do seeds. They look so great, even for being planted late.

ornamental gourdsWhen we bought our house all the windows were covered with rod iron rails. We took them off and I’m using one in my garden to grow ornamental gourds and pumpkins. I think it will be so pretty when it’s covered.

honeydew melonWe have several honeydew melons growing. We also planted cantaloupe and watermelons. I’m hoping for a good melon harvest.

garden viewThis is the veiw from the other side of the garden…

zucchiniMy family was so excited to start harvesting squash and zucchini instead of having kale or Swiss chard for every meal.

rabbit damage on fig tree

fig treeThe bunnies loved my fig tree. This poor tree has been struggling since day one. I was so hopeful this spring when it put out lots of leaves. We’ve surrounded it with some fencing to protect it so hopefully it will come back.

How’s your May garden going? Leave links in the comments so we can all visit.


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