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DIY Marshmallow Shooters

Last weekend we were invited to a birthday party of  twins who were turning 4 years old. Esther has loved her marshmallow gun and she thought they would make a great gift. Instead of making them, I asked Gabriel if I could give them a couple of the ones he had left over from making Christmas presents. Here’s how the conversation went….

Me: “Gabriel, can we use two of your extra marshmallow guns to give to the twins.”

Gabriel:  “Sure. They’re $5 each.”

Me: “What? They only cost $1.50 to make.”

Gabriel:  “I know but I sell them for $5 each.”

Me:  “I don’t get a discount?”

Gabriel:  “uh, I already give you free honey, Mom.” (imagine a little teenage sarcasm here, just a little)

Me:  “oh, yeah. $10 it is. Do they come with marshmallows?”

Gabriel’s a great business man. I think he just recouped all the money he spent on the Christmas gifts for his cousins.

I’ve had several comments and emails about exactly Gabriel made the marshmallow blow guns for his cousins. So, here’s the tutorial, after the fact.

However, if you don’t want to make one, I know a teenage boy who will sell them for $5 each plus shipping.

1 -1/2″ pvc pipe (usually sold in 10′ long pieces)
2 – 1/2″ pvc “T”s
2 – 1/2” pvc “elbows”
2 – 1/2″ pvc “end caps” – (these are attached to two of the pvc pipe pieces in the photo below. The paint  made them stick)
saw – small hack saw or miter saw

Cut six 5″ pieces of pvc pipe (Gabriel used a miter saw but a small hack saw will also work just fine).

Cut one 2.75″ piece of pvc pipe.

Using the T’s, elbows and end caps assemble so that it looks like the first photo.

Spray paint or use duct tape to decorate.

Buy some marshmallows and enjoy the fun!

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Tuesday 17th of December 2013

Love it! Merry Christmas!

Angi Schneider

Wednesday 18th of December 2013

Thanks! You should totally make some, they're so much fun.

M.J. Powell

Thursday 24th of January 2013

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Monday 28th of January 2013

Thanks for the invite.

Bonny @

Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

My son came home with one of these that he made in Cub Scout summer camp. I'll give you a warning. Don't let kids shoot marshmallows at a two-story high ceiling. Yup, we still have one stuck on our ceiling that we can't reach with anything. It's been there for two years. The boys have tried shooting it down with Nerf guns to no avail. They are fun though!


Monday 28th of January 2013

Lol...good thing we don't have ceilings like that. Actually, we've banned them from inside the house. I hate finding old marshmallows in every nook and cranny.

Fluster Buster

Wednesday 23rd of January 2013

My boys are going to love this! I’m your newest follower. I would love for you to share this at my Fluster’s Creative Muster Party @

Hugs and Smiles, Robin @ Fluster Buster


Monday 28th of January 2013

Thanks for the invite.

Dawnelle @ JustDawnelle

Tuesday 22nd of January 2013

Oh how fun is this!! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my little blog and I am totally pinning this so I can make one!




Monday 28th of January 2013

Thanks for stopping by!