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summer wedding

I have mentioned that my younger sister is getting married this summer? In just four weeks. Four very short weeks!

So, while we should have been doing many other things yesterday, we practiced decorating cupcakes for the bridal shower. I have to say, Phoebe did a much better job on her leaves than I did on the flowers. Maybe we’ll switch jobs for the real thing.

 We hope we can make this plum color again for the real day!
 Aren’t these liners cute! 
And then we made part of the punch. You mix various juices together along with sugar, water and strawberry jello and boil it. Then you freeze it in small containers. On the day of the event you put the frozen juice in the punch bowl and pour Sprite over it. very yummy.

We are so very excited for my sister. She has waited a long time to find Mr. Right. One thing that I have very much admired and appreciated is that during her time of singleness she didn’t focus on getting married. She used her time as a single woman for God’s glory and was able to do many things, such as spontaneous mission trips after Hurricane Katrina, that someone who is married and has children would find much harder to do. She has been a great example to my children of living a godly single life and being content – even when you desire something else.

And so, we have a summer wedding. 

Thanks for sharing with your friends!


Wednesday 20th of July 2011

I am so happy for her!!! Congratulations to her!Christy

The Schneiders

Wednesday 13th of July 2011

Thanks, Rachel. It's definately the taste that counts. Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Can't go wrong with that.

Rachel E.

Wednesday 13th of July 2011

Your sister sounds like a wonderful person. I am sure she will appreciate any effort put into the bridal shower cupcakes. After all, I think it't the taste that counts, right? I think they look cute.