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Library Tote

When we go to the library we always wind up with a huge stack of books. I’m sure it’s just because there are so many of us. All the children have their own cards and I guess I should have them each check out their own books, but then its a mess when we try to round up the books to take them back to the library.

So, we’ve resorted to one large tote bag and everything gets checked out on my card. The bag is stored in the mudroom and all the library stuff is supposed to be in the bag unless you are actively using the item. The main problem with this system is that the bag is never big enough or strong enough to carry all the books, audio books and dvds we check out. So not everything is in the bag and we have to go hunting for the items before we can return them.

On Saturday I found a crate on wheels at Goodwill for $2.99 and it was half price day so it was only $1.50. I have been wanting one of these for years! But…. it isn’t cute and it doesn’t have pockets to hold things… like the library cards.

So using the undercover crate tutorial from Laura Gunn as my inspiration I made a liner with some pockets.

So to add pockets to your undercover crate (or a tote bag or whatever you want)

  • Decide how big you want the finished pocket to be and then cut the fabric adding 1/2 inch to the width and doubling the length.
  • Fold the fabric in half (this is why you doubled the length)
  •  Pin the sides and sew a 1/4″ seam on both sides (the bottom should be open)
  •  Snip the corners
  • Turn the fabric right side out
  •  Sew along the top (the part that is folded over) close to the edge
  •  Zig zag the bottom closed (make sure part of the zigzag goes off the edge)
  •  Decide where you want your pocket to be and make a mark. (I just put the pocket where I want it to be and use a pencil to mark it very lightly)
  • Line up the bottom of the pocket with the mark and pin the pocket on (the rest of the pocket will be hanging down)
  •  Sew the bottom of the pocket onto the crate fabric
  •  Flip the pocket up
  • Pin the sides (leave the top open)

  • Sew just inside the edge on all three sides of the pocket

By the way, this undercover crate tutorial is one I use a lot. I hate seeing plastic all over the house and so I’ve covered crates to store things like toys, canning supplies, linens, school work, etc. They look so much nicer.

First Order ships for $2.95

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Tuesday 12th of July 2011

thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I love the crate cover too. love butterfly material you choose. very niceKAT Griffin of Kat's Nature

Rachel E.

Tuesday 12th of July 2011

Very cute idea! I know what you mean about the books wandering off and having to search for them. I think when we visit my mom, we spend a lot of time searching even though I tell them to keep them in one spot.