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Pallet Projects

We’ve been steadily working on our summer projects over the last few weeks. Most importantly, we’ve been putting up some of our garden veggies. We’ve put up 8 pints of bread and butter pickles, 25 pints of dewberry jam and 11 quarts of salsa. We also have about 3 gallons of tomatoes in the freezer that I’m hoping to make into salsa tomorrow.

One of the projects that I didn’t actually list on our initial list was cleaning out our barn/garden shed. I don’t think I’ve shared this before. We built is using mostly reclaimed and culled wood. It’s not perfect but it does it’s job.

We used a combination of pallets, shipping crates from the local radiator shop and culled wood from Lowe’s. For the 4X4s we used new treated lumber that was not culled.
Carl found this great sliding door tract at an estate sale for $15. We left some openings to let light and some fresh air in.
For a while “someone” just kept opening the door and putting whatever it was right inside the door. So, we spent an afternoon putting up some shelves and organizing it. I’m so very happy to finally have the it built, painted and now organized.
I would like to figure out how to put up some gutters so we can collect rainwater from the roof. You know, just in case it ever rains….
While we’re on the subject of using reclaimed wood. Look what Carl and the boys built with a pallet and some old bike tires. It’s supposed to be used for hauling things like tree limbs, but so far it’s mainly just hauled Esther.
So the total cost for the barn/garden shed was about $500 – which was mainly the 4X4s, tin roof, paint and nails/screws. BUT it took us about 6 months to finally complete it.
The total cost of the trailer was $0 – we had everything laying around here. I guess there’s something to be said for hoarding…
I’m becoming totally obsessed with using pallets. Do you have any favorite pallet or reclaimed wood projects?
Edited to add:  After Sarah of It’s a Boy’s Life posted a link to her pallet barn, I realized that this is the one that I saw when we were in the planning stages of our barn. I showed it to Carl, he took it from there and made it our own. I’m so glad Sarah commented, their barn is super cute you should click over and take a look.


Thanks for sharing with your friends!


Tuesday 16th of July 2013

Here is the link to our chicken coop: just made another trip to pick up pallets today as we hope to use them for a chicken run too but that is not done just yet.

Black Fox Homestead

Thursday 4th of July 2013

We have not done anything like this yet, but I have heard so much about it that I'd really like to if we could find the pallets. Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop! We'd love to have you back again tomorrow: Hope ya'll have a Happy Fourth!

Bonnie K

Sunday 30th of June 2013

We had this amazing pallet come with a purchase that we actually now use as our back deck! That is how well made it was. Saved us a lot of time and money.

Angi Schneider

Monday 1st of July 2013

How cool is that! Do you have a picture of it, I'd love to see it.


Thursday 27th of June 2013

We made a couple buildings for our goats and alpacas using pallets. and I love using them!

Angi Schneider

Friday 28th of June 2013

Sarah, those look great. And, I'm pretty positive it was your barn post that inspired us to build one with pallets, although ours looks a little different. I'm going to add that to my post.

Backyard Chicken Lady

Tuesday 25th of June 2013

The shed looks great, and I love the Esther Hauler too! I've been looking into different things you can make with pallets, have made anything yet, goota keep collecting till I have enough :-)

Hopping by for the first time, going to take a look around.


Angi Schneider

Wednesday 26th of June 2013

Thanks! I think we'll rename it the Esther Hauler. Hope your enjoyed your visit.