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Random Stuff

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog this week. I’ve been trying to get a few more items crossed off my summer project list. But I’ve been thinking about quite a few things that I’ve been wanting to let you know but none of them are quite a blog post on their own so I thought I’d lump them all together.


Google Reader will be no longer come July 1st.  So if you follow this blog (or others) in your Google Reader you’ll need to follow a different way. Apparently Google Friends Connect is not affected so if you follow that way, you’re good.

Here’s some choices…

~You can have these posts delivered directly to your email by subscribing in the box on my side bar.
~You can “like” my facebook page. All the posts get automatically updated to the page.
~You can add me to your circle on google+.  All the posts get automatically updated to the page.

I’m starting to use Facebook and Google Plus to highlight some other blogs and videos that I find interesting. This is also where I’m listing sales from companies that I like.

For instance, Honeyville Farms is having a 15% discount by using the code CRISP from now until Tues, June 25th.

And, Trilight Herbs is having a 15% discount by using the code SummerSale from now until Sunday, June 23rd on orders of $25 or more.

You can see more companies I like in the Affiliates and Disclosures tab.

Now that gardening is really underway for those who garden,  I’ve lined up several bloggers to host giveaways of The Gardening Notebook on their blogs. The first is Jared from JandJ Acres. So, go on over there and enter to win a copy of it. While you’re there check out his permaculture series. The videos are great.

I’ll announce the other blogs on my facebook and google+ pages and, of course, here when the posts are up.

While we’re on the subject of The Gardening Notebook, Kristi over at Let This Mind did a podcast review recently. It was fun hearing the review instead of just reading it. She also has some great info on raising rabbits on the podcast. We don’t even have rabbits and I still listened to the whole podcast.

A new ebook is coming soon. I’m putting the finishing touches on my second ebook, Taming the Laundry Monster, and it should be released in early July. If you’re interested in getting a copy to review and possibly host a giveaway just email me and let me know. This is the first in a series of homemaking ebooks I’m working on.

Comments….what can I say, I like getting them. I also like replying to them, but it occurs to me that unless you check back you won’t know that I actually replied. And well, checking back is a hassle. So, I’m going to try to remember to send my reply by email, also. Now, if you have a “no reply blogger” email address then you won’t get the email. So you might want to check that out and correct it. There’s tons of tutorials out there for correcting it, apparently it’s a huge blogger issue. I really wish that blogger had a “your comment has a reply” email notice like wordpress does. But I can’t find it.

So, any comments?

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

Rachel E.

Sunday 23rd of June 2013

You did something different to your blog. It looks "organized". Not sure... maybe I am just imagining things because I am sure you didn't need any more organization. :)

Angi Schneider

Sunday 23rd of June 2013

I've been tweaking things a little bit here and there. Glad you noticed.