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one project done…well, almost

Both Christian and Josiah are working on Eagle Scout projects. They have spent countless hours thinking, planning and now working on their individual projects. They have both decided to work at The Hiller House, which is one of the oldest standing farmhouses in Texas. Josiah had a workday on Saturday. There were about 20 people who came to help. Here’s what they did:

Josiah, the “man in charge”, and his trusty nail gun and side kicks, Carl and Christian.

Gabriel nailing wood to help finish out the small attic room. Gotta love those pressurized brad guns!

First they pulled off 100 year old siding, the insulation was cotton, then they resided it with historically accurate siding.

Benjamin and his cub scout group picked up trash that morning around the property. That afternoon he got to help in the large attic room.

Don’t let the picture fool you, Phoebe helped with some of the work and getting lunch ready. By the afternoon she was not feeling well. Esther, well… she just kind of played and napped all day.

All in all it was a great day. They started at 9am and finshed about 6pm. They ran out of wood so there is still one half wall in the attic that needs to be finished and about 3 feet on the outside wall. They will be doing that in a few weeks.

Josiah still needs 3 or 4 merit badges but is well on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout this year!

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