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Josiah turned 14 on Tuesday! Although I didn’t blog about it, we did celebrate it. We had a great time going with some friends to their grandparents property and playing on 33 acres. The kids played kickball, frisby, and who knows what else while we moms played with babies and chatted. It’s easy to play team games when one family has 4 children available to play and the other has 6 available to play!

Have I mentioned that Josiah doesn’t care for cake? Here’s how the cake discussion has gone in the past…
Me: What kind of cake do you want for your birthday?
Josiah: I guess chocolate with white frosting.

So I make the cake and then the discussion continues…
Me: How come your not eating any cake?
Josiah: It’s too sweet.

Apparently this discussion has been repeated the first 13 years of Josiah’s life. I guess I assumed that it was just that cake that was too sweet, not that all cake was too sweet. Our discussion continues…
Me: So why do you always tell me what kind of cake you want me to make?
Josiah: Because you always ask “what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?”

So this year, the discussion was different…
Me: Josiah, what kind of dessert do you want for your birthday.
Josiah: Candy Jar Ice Cream (by Blue Bell, a new addiction)

That’s just kind of how life rolls with Josiah. You ask a question, you get an answer, not a whole lot of discussion, or negotiating, or trying to change things. Just an answer.

The other thing about Josiah that is interesting is that although he’s very quiet, when he was younger people used to ask me if he ever spoke, he’s also incredibly funny! Partly because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. All the sudden you’ll be doing something mundane like teaching him how to pump gas and as you walk off to go pay and say something like, “You got it?” and he’ll say something like, “Yea, because I’m a big boy now.” in his mock little kid voice. While the man on the other side of the pump looks around the pump and just shakes his head. He just makes me laugh.

Josiah, you’re such a blessing to our family.

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Saturday 5th of June 2010

How funny! Happy Birthday!