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look what we found today…

Remember this nest we found in the hanging basket in our barn? Well, one egg turned into four chicks! We’ve seen the mama and daddy cardinal hovering around the basket alot lately and then today Benjamin heard some churping. Phoebe grabbed my phone and they started taking pictures. Then came in with a request, “They are so cute! Can you put it on the blog?” Of course!

We have a very small red oak (about 6 feet tall) in our back yard and Benjamin and a friend noticed these this afternoon. Robin eggs… and not the candy kind! (edited to add:  Carl just informed me that he doesn’t thing they are Robin eggs, they might be Mockingbird eggs he’s not sure. But he knows they aren’t Robin eggs. I say, “Well, they look just like the candy, they’re even the same size!” Then he tells me its not a Red Oak, but a Live Oak tree. To which I say, “Hey, it’s my story and I can tell it like I want to.” I’m obviously not the science person in our family.

Even though we are in a drought, its amazing how much life is bursting forth on our little peice of earth. It makes me feel an even greater responsibility towards what God has blessed us with. We’ll be setting up a couple of makeshift bird baths for our little ones and their parents very soon.

Thanks for sharing with your friends!