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Easter Traditions :: Amon’s Adventure

We don’t have alot of Easter traditions. We usually don’t do Easter baskets filled with goodies for our children (ok, maybe we’ve never done it. I can’t remember!). Some years we have new clothes and some years we don’t. We never have identical outfits anymore, the boys mutinied that idea long ago.

While Easter or Resurrection Day is a day to be celebrated, for me it is also bitter sweet. Bitter because of what Jesus went through to save my soul but sweet because He chose to die for my sins. For me it is a time of much personal reflection not so much outward celebration.

Over the years we have read The Robe by Lloyd Douglas and Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse but this year we read the new book by Arnold Ytreeide, Amon’s Adventure.  We read one of his Advent books each year. This has been what our family has been looking for to help us each night not get so caught up in the celebration of Easter that we forget exactly who we are celebrating.

From our family to ours, we hope you have a blessed Resurrection Day!

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