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look what a little asking around can get you…

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Friday night Carl came home from work saying that on Saturday he and Gabriel were going to a small town about a hour away to look at some used bee equipment. Carl works as a hospice chaplain (and is a pastor at our church – doing the bulk of the counseling) and travels all over our county and the seven surrounding it to see their clients each week. We have some really cute small towns that have antique stores around here and he likes to visit them during his lunch hour. Every one he enters he inquires about bee equiment and leather working stuff.

On Friday the store owner told him about a friend whose dad passed away a few years ago and was a beekeeper. Carl got the guy’s number and set a time to meet on Saturday.

When they came home, both “boys” were giddy over their find…

A trailer full of beekeeping goodies.
I know it only looks like sticks but once these are put together
they will be the frames the bees build their honeycomb on.
Here’s some of the frames put together.
Three smokers

Here’s a breakdown of what they bought:

2 deeps
9 supers that were assembled
super that weren’t assembled
lots of frames
several boxes of wax coated plastic foundations
3 smokers
decapping fork and knife
hive tool (big sturdy hunting knife)
3 mason jar feeders
and most exciting…

A stainless steel two frame honey extractor.

And how much did all these goodies cost? a mere $250. Gabriel and Carl split the cost. So looks like I’ll be getting some “free” honey!

Moral of the story…Asking around really pays off.

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