Sunday afternoon Carl called me on his way to a funeral and said, “The dewberries are ready. We need to go pick.”  Can I just say, this is the worst possible week of the year for the dewberries to be ready?

We have about a 2-3 week window of picking dewberries each year.  We try to pick enough to make jam to eat and give as gifts, to make cobbler filling and to freeze to eat with yogurt and put in smoothies.  Fortunately, we are only on week one so if we don’t get lots picked we still have another week or two left.

We, as in those of us not in The Sound of Music (or helping with costuming),  have picked 9 pounds already which is about 2.5 gallons.

The cool thing about dewberries is that they’re just wild blackberries.  They are not as big as blackberries and they have thorns BUT all we have to do is go pick them.  Totally worth it.  Even this year as we enter our third year of drought there’s dewberries.   They’re not as plump as they have been in years past when we’ve had adequate rain, but for jam making they’re great.  We also take the ones that are really dry and finish drying them out to make a tea.

So, I’ll start keeping track of our harvest and preserving in the sidebar of the blog for the spring and summer.

Do you do any foraging?  If so, what do you forage?

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    We did! Scored about 6kgs of them I think. Flash froxe them and have them in ziplock bags. My 4yo loves them in plain greek yoghurt in his lunch box and I make with them occasionally.
    I hoped to get back out there a week or so later to get enough to make jam but the weather was scorching and didn’t think that was good for the boys or for us avoiding snakes!
    Can’t wait to go again next year
    If you are interested here is my blog post about it

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    I haven’t foraged yet. I know there are some weeds in our yard which are edible, but haven’t decided to eat them yet. We haven’t seen any wild berries around here. It’s cool you get berries like that.

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      We’re not huge foragers. Mainly just berries and wild grapes. We have lots of dandilions and I know you can eat them but we don’t. We used to live in house that had stinging nettle growing in the yard and my kids would put on gloves to harvest it. We’d dry it out to make a hot tea. After it’s dried out it doesn’t sting anymore.

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    In our area it’s usually too dry for wild berries. I really miss all the summers as a kid picking wild blackberries (in Missouri). It was always hot and we would usually got numerous bug bites but oh how good those berries tasted :O)

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    We pick dewberries in Upper Michigan in August. And thimble berries. We missed last year because our vacation was earlier in the summer. I enjoyed reading about how you put the berries to good use in a variety of ways.

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      Thanks for visiting, Carol. It’s always interesting to me when fruit is ready in other parts of the country. Hopefully, this year you’ll be able to pick some.

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