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weekend blessings

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Last night as we were playing a game of Spades, a friend from church called and asked Carl if we wanted some fertile eggs.

Really? Why, yes, we’d love some.

I know, not your normal everyday question but apparently Gabriel had told him that my mom gave us an incubator recently and we haven’t used it yet.

So he and his wife brought us 24 “probably” fertile eggs. They also brought us four chicks that one of their hens hatched. They’re a cross between a Rhode Island Red and Americana. There were originally 5 but their dog killed one so they wanted them in a different place. They also were not really wanting more hens at this point. I’m not sure we were wanting more hens either but we seem to have a problem saying “no” (in a good way, of course).

Gabriel has also asked this man advice on getting the blade off the riding mower and so he brought a tool over to loan to Gabriel.

For me, the funnest part of this whole thing is that this man is probably in his 70’s. He’s one of the ushers at our church. Gabriel has been helping to usher for about a year. Gabriel is, by far, the youngest usher.

Over this past year, he has made some really neat friendships with these older men. Each week they invite him into their prayer time. Each week they speak into his life. Each week they serve the Lord together. They mentor him and yet treat him as an equal. I really cannot express the gratitude I have for these men.

What blessings have you received lately?

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

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