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Thrifting goodness

I have ever mentioned that I love to go thrifting? Now, I’m certainly not an HGTV thrifter looking for just the right antique, I’m a “go to Goodwill (or whatever other thrift store I can) on half price day and dig for things my family is already looking for.” Of course, part of it is that used stuff is less expensive than new stuff so it helps our money stretch farther. But I think my love of old things goes beyond the price tag.
I love thinking about the who used to own these items and wonder why they no longer need them. I’m also very concerned about the amount of stuff that gets manufactured and winds up in the landfill. So I choose to purchase most of our stuff – from clothes to housewares – secondhand.
Our local Senior Citizen’s Center has a fabric sale three times a year. This is where I get most of our sewing notions and quite a bit of our fabric. The cool thing is that since the items are donated you never know what you will find. Here’s some of what we found on Saturday…

This is where I try to buy all of our ric rack, embroidery thread, ribbon, bias tape, elastic, buttons and thread. (you have to be careful with the thread – just make sure it isn’t super old). At .05 each it’s hard to go wrong.

I found a gallon ziplock bags full of these. I *think* they are vintage sheets that have been cut to make a quilt. One side is diagonal so I’m not sure what that’s about. Maybe you real quilters can tell me. These are so fun and the colors are so vibrant.

Here’s my 4 yards of fabric that cost me a dollar. You see the fabric is .25 a yard. Sometimes I find large yardage of muslin that I can use to line all my curtains, other times I find smaller pieces that will be fun for bags, pajamas or dresses. The red on the left is silk and so very pretty. The bold one on the right is made in Japan and silky feeling. I think I’m going to try to make our last pillowcase dress from it…but the pattern might be too big.

There’s always lots of hand stitching stuff. Phoebe found this bag of cross stitch stuff. Some had already been partially done but that doesn’t bother her…it just makes it faster to complete the project.

This is my favorite find. A small wooden table top ironing board. I’m going to make a pad and cover for it to use when I’m doing small projects. Esther is already having fun with it. I think one of the boys has ideas of making her a wooden iron to go with it.
What are some of your favorite thrifted finds?
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Tuesday 17th of July 2012

Oh my goodness, I love thrift stores but have been staying away from them because I already have too much stuff! I did go a couple of weeks ago to look for dresses for Elizabeth. Our local Goodwill sells the children’s clothes for $2 a piece and I have been able to get everyday dresses and Sunday Best dresses for this price.

Rachel E.

Tuesday 17th of July 2012

Great finds indeed! I haven't made it to a thrift store yet. I need to look around the area for a good one.