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::this week::

This week…

…we made lots of bracelets

…we talked lots about what it would be like to not have a mom and dad

…we’re grateful to be blessed with both mom and dad

we made 25 quarts of salsa – thanks to some friends for sharing tomatoes with us

…we picked our first “squashacchini”

…we’re sad that some dear friends are moving

…we fixed bikes and now can ride until mom hollers for us to come in

…we continued the war on the vine borers – losing another squash plant

…we finished our Greek and Latin Roots book… it was our 3rd attempt during the last 8 years

…we looked on as Benjamin crossed over from a Bear Cub to a Webelos Scout

…we picked our first potatoes

…we celebrated as Josiah turned 15

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

The Schneiders

Monday 6th of June 2011

It's crazy but most of my children don't like's too sweet. So the birthday person usually just wants ice cream.

Rachel E.

Friday 3rd of June 2011

Who needs cake when you have ice cream? You wrapped up your week rather well. And salsa? Yum, yum, yum...can I have some? JK