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The Gardening Notebook

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Do you read gardening books and think, “Oh, I need to remember that”?

And then later can’t remember what you were supposed to remember?

Do you take care to write down what you planted and harvested one year only to not be able to find the paper the next year?

When you have a question that you used to know the answer to, do you have to go through several books or internet searches to find the answer? All the while thinking, “I’ll remember it this time.”

I used to do this all the time. Since I’m somewhat of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl, it only mildly bothered me, but the more I planted the more it bothered me. So I began keeping a gardening notebook. It helped me be a better gardener. 

After weeks of putting my new notebook together, my husband mentioned that other gardeners would probably like a copy. And so we began the work of making a notebook for any gardener. 

The Gardening Notebook is custom printable garden planner to help you keep track of everything that is important to you in your gardening. The more you add to it, the more you it becomes.

The Gardening Notebook contains the following:
  • How to begin gardening
  • Enriching the garden (soil, compost, etc.)
  • Garden Calendar
  • How to find your frost dates
  • Planting by frost dates calendar
  • Local resource contact page
  • Garden expense worksheet
  • Seed and plant purchase record


There are also worksheets with tips for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamentals – with plenty of room for you to write your own notes from your own research

  • Seed sowing record
  • Garden layout pages
  • Pests, problems and solutions worksheet
  • Book list record
  • Monthly journal
  • Resource list
  • Lots of space for you to make notes of what is important to you
  • Blank plant profile page to help keep track of specific plants and varieties
  • Blank plant worksheets to fill out for the vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamentals not already included


The Gardening Notebook will help you keep all the important information in one place so that you will have more time to spend in the garden.

What other gardeners are saying about The Gardening Notebook…

The Gardening Notebook is a resource that will give you basic information on many vegetables with ample space for recording your garden specific experience from which to learn and apply year after year. I highly recommend this source to novice and experienced gardeners alike to cultivate good record keeping skills that will pay off in better growing habits and garden yields in the future.”
Kathie from Homespun Seasonal Living

The Gardening Notebook provides a starting point for beginners and a base that advanced gardeners may customize to include their own areas of interest.”
Lisa Lynn from The Self Sufficient HomeAcre

 “…this book is full of printables – and I was blown away by the thoroughness of all Angi’s included! There are pages for recording the seeds you have and need to buy, a place to keep a record of the seeds you started, plants you have, and varieties you want to try. Additionally, pages at the beginning will help you determine why you garden and record the specifics of your corner of the world (like your last frost date – wouldn’t that be awesome to have in one place to refer to?) as well as create a garden plan.”

 What a fun resource! It’s full of helpful gardening information, as well as loads of nice printables to help us get organized for this year and for years to come.”
Laura from Heavenly Homemakers

“If you are like me and you love being super-organized in the garden (or maybe you need help with your garden organizational skills), The Gardening Notebook is perfect for you. It’s one of those resources you purchase once and it just gets better year after year.” Jess from 104 Homestead 

With The Gardening Notebook you will get over 120 printable pages to help you have the best garden you can. Print the pages you need and create a notebook that is just for you. 



Bonus! When you purchase The Gardening Notebook, you will also receive four styles of printable seed packets. You can use these to store seeds from one season to the next or use them to gift seeds to friends.

SchneiderPeeps - Free printable seed packets with The Gardening Notebook
SchneiderPeeps - Free printable seed packets with The Gardening Notebook
SchneiderPeeps - Free printable seed packets with The Gardening Notebook
SchneiderPeeps - Free printable seed packets with The Gardening Notebook

More time in the garden, better organized gardening plans and printable seed packets for only $12.95


But don’t wait, the gardening season is upon us. Before you know it you’ll be elbow deep in soil and seeds and thinking of all the great things you want to remember for next year. Don’t start next year thinking the same thing. Get your copy of The Gardening Notebook today!

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