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Summer’s Blessings

We’ve been missing our garden! For most of our married life we have had a garden. The last few years we have kept our garden going year round and it was amazing how much food a small plot of land can produce.
Since we are renting right now, we don’t have a garden, but some dear friends went out of town and asked us to pick their garden while they were gone. Here’s some of the pickins. Also, several friends from church have also blessed us with fresh produce over the last few months.
We made 14 quarts of tomatos with onions and garlic and 6 quarts of salsa. We have about 2 gallons of breaded okra and 2 gallons of breaded squash in the freezer. The other night we had stuffed patty pan squash, I used this recipe http://bethany.preciousinfants.com/2008/08/04/stuffed-flying-saucer-or-patty-pan-squash.aspx . We all decided it was a keeper.
I hope your summer is full of blessings.

Thanks for sharing with your friends!