• Angi Schneider says

      Well, I wish I could share but every time someone walked through the kitchen they ate one. And now they are all gone!

  1. Wendy says

    To me, the very best part of baking snickerdoodles is the smell that fills the house! Of course, I don’t have an adorable 6 year old helper. If I did, the best part of snickerdoodles would be baking together! 🙂 Your first edition snickerdoodles look great, Angi, and you have me very curious about the taste of spelt.

    • Angi Schneider says

      I think you will really like spelt, it has a great flavor and is really easy to work with. I don’t know what I’ll do when my helper is big. Hopefully, I’ll have grandchildren who live close by then.

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