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rainy day

Our day started with playing in the rain…
…and ended with a tent city in our livingroom.

The tent stayed up for several hours. In fact, Phoebe and Benjamin chose to eat dinner standing up since 2 of the kitchen chairs were used for the tent. They pretended they were pilgrim children who had to stand because dad hadn’t had time to build all the chairs for the family!
If you’ve had rain lately, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. It amazing how much such a simple thing like rain can mean. It’s good to see the grass turning green again, even our grass is looking pretty good now.
This morning I just stood in the doorway and watched it come down. As I stood there I was reminded that a season doesn’t last indefinately. There is always another season around the corner. This is also true spiritually. So if you find yourself in a hard season of life, be encouraged, it won’t last indefinately!
Have a great week!

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