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organizing media

All I can say is, we have way more DVDs and Cd’s that I thought. I’m not really sure where they all came from but somehow they’ve busted out of their drawer in the entertainment center and I found them stashed in various places when I set out to declutter the living room.

Now, I could, in theory, just get rid of them. But most are movies my children have bought or been given, and some we watch over and over – like Magic School Bus and What’s in the Bible.

So, I started looking for a way to organize them so that they are easily accessible (I did think about putting them in a box in the garage, but that would get frustrating) and take up no more space than the drawer in the entertainment center.

I found this at iheartorganizing. But I couldn’t find those sleeves locally. While I was looking for them I found these colored ones at Target. They’re plastic so they should last much longer than the paper ones.

For a while each evening I would take DVDs out of their cases and put them in sleeves. I categorized them as I went and used 3X5 cards as dividers. Esther always “helped” and Phoebe and Benjamin enjoyed helping, too.

OK, I’m going to admit that I had this weird thing going on in my head that really struggled with taking them out of the cases and getting rid of the cases – and it didn’t have anything to do with filling up the land fill because I’d recycle them. So I put the cases in a box in the attic, just in case.

Originally, I used a shoe box to put the DVDs in. But it was too flimsy. So I found some old zip lock bowls that no longer had lids in my kitchen cabinet. The DVDs fit perfectly. 

Here’s the DVD drawer. Eventually I’d like Carl to put in some wooden dividers in the drawer but for now I’m happy with the re purposed bowls. Actually, eventually I’d like a large family room added on to my house with a built in entertainment area with lots of drawers and shelves. But that’s years down the road, so for now it’s plastic sleeves and zip lock bowls.

Here’s the video game drawer. I know- lots of wires, but I don’t play the games, so as long as the controllers get put back in the drawer I don’t care what it looks like.

Now I’m slowly working on putting the name of the dvd on each sleeve. I think that will help us keep them in alphabetical order. It will also help me know if one hasn’t been put away properly.

Have you found a good way to store media? Be sure to leave leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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