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After dinner "show"

Friday night is our family’s movie night. However, lately we’ve been watching a “show” each evening. And last night was no exception. So after dinner and a game of Clue, we sat around the livingroom eating apple pie and being entertained by this….

Drool and all isn’t she just the cutest!?

Esther is smiling and laughing some now, but last night she was bustin’ out laughing while playing with her daddy.

Sweet, sweet times.

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Tuesday 4th of August 2009

Hey! Just realized we don't have your new address! Can you email it to me? Just click my link on our blog! Thanks!

Cottage In The Sun

Thursday 30th of July 2009

She's such a sweetie! :)


Thursday 30th of July 2009

so sweet. i love it when they are finally smiling and laughing :) Makes the sleepless nights even MORE worthwhile :)