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Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables

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Practical Methods and Recipes for Creating a Treasure Trove of Preserved Foods!

When veggies are at their peak of the season, this preserving compendium covering nearly every vegetable is your one-stop source. Brimming with 100 recipes, beautiful full-page color images, step-by-step preservation methods and handy reference charts, this foolproof guide will help you master canning & pickling, fermenting, dehydrating and freezing the most common garden produce.

Angi guides you through the basics of each preservation method, then shares an A to Z guide to preserving common garden vegetables, from asparagus to zucchini and everything in between. Each veggie’s chapter includes Angi’s growing tips, a reference chart and at least one recipe for each preservation method starring that vegetable. 

Whether you want to become a more self-sufficient household, reduce food waste for a greener planet or make the most of the fresh produce you have on hand, see how easy and fun it is to fill your pantry with preserved foods your family will be excited to eat.

In The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables you’ll learn…

  • How to preserve vegetables by canning, dehydrating, fermenting, and freezing
  • How to use all the edible parts of the vegetables so you can grow or buy less
  • How to grow your own vegetables and what varieties are best for preserving
  • How to pick perfectly ripe vegetables at the farmer’s market or grocery
  • How to safely use a pressure canner to preserve shelf stable vegetables for your family
  • When you really need to blanch vegetables before freezing or dehydrating, and when you don’t
  • How to preserve vegetables as food and not just ingredients to make food
  • To create tasty preserved food that your family and friends will love

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What Others are Saying…

“The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables is the perfect resource for any home gardener, CSA subscriber, or farmer’s market shopper looking to not only preserve the harvest but to also actually serve and eat the preserves later. Instead of spending hours looking for recipes to preserve this week’s abundance, the book gives you concise recipes and ideas to keep your vegetables in the pantry for the next season. But even better than that Angi has given us creative and simple recipes to use actually use those preserves in our meal planning routine.” Kathie Lapcevic from Homespun Seasonal Living

“What a wonderful and informative preserving book! It’s a great balance of the information you need to know, but not so much as to be overwhelmed. It’s geared to the home gardener with growing and harvesting information as well as preservation techniques for all the most popular garden vegetables. BUT with recipes on how to dry, freeze, ferment, and can each of the vegetables, it’s a book anyone who wants to have a hand in preserving their own food will be thrilled to have.” Jami Boys from An Oregon Cottage

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“When the garden is productive and you find yourself with an abundance of vegetables, Angi Schneider has got you covered. Her Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables showcases a variety of methods for extending the shelf life of produce and adding garden fresh flavor to pantry. Easy to follow instructions and detailed information about the processes make home food preservation accessible to everyone — no experience required.” Kris Bordessa, Attainable-Sustainable

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About the Author…

Angi Schneider has been growing and preserving food for more than 25 years and lives on a 1.5-acre homestead with her family on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Ever the optimist, she loves trying new things – even when her family raises their eyebrows at her. Fortunately, most of her gardening and food preserving experiments turn out just fine.

She loves helping others discover the joy of gardening, preserving food, and living a more simple life. She shares her own journey of simple living on her blog, SchneiderPeeps and encourages others to live their own version of the simple life. Angi is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables.

Take a look inside The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Vegetables…

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