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What’s Up With the Bees?

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SchneiderPeeps - Bee UpdateThe bees are doing so much better this year than they did last year. I’m chalking it up to cooler weather and some rain. Also, Gabriel was able to buy several packages of bees this spring and they are happy campers, yes they are.

When I came home from town on Saturday, I found Carl and Gabriel suited up and in the bee yard. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures to share with you.

suited up for bees

bee opening

checking the frames

scraping frames

frame with bees

building comb on lid

queen excluder

comb on lid

bee observation

Inside top bar hive

harvesting from topbar hive

happy harvesters

golden honey


This is definitely Gabriel’s business and he’s not shy to tell me or Carl what to do or not to do. It’s a good thing. The packaged bees were needing  a new deep so the guys fixed them up. One hive needed a super – which means we’ll hopefully get a harvest this year. Gabriel is extremely conservative when it comes to harvesting. The bees needs come first. That makes me proud.

The girls in the topbar hive have been busy. We were surprised to find out that they were out of room and we would need to harvest some honey. And let me just say that it was tasty!

Hope you enjoy the little bee update. I only got 3 bee stings trying to get the pictures. I didn’t have a suit on since I’ve never been stung. I don’t think I’ll make that mistake again. After the first sting which happened to be on my forehead, I ran to the garden, picked a few sage leaves, chewed one up and stuck it to the sting. I had already gotten the stinger out. The sting was gone within moments and it didn’t swell at all. I’m a huge sage lover these days.

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