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Welcome to our online journal

“Why an online journal?” you ask. Because I really stink at keeping up with people who I do not see in my normal everyday life. I’ve always known that about myself…. but this past month I’ve realized that many out of town friends had no clue that we were expecting a baby. How could that happen?!!

Well, it all started last summer when we were frantically fixing up our house to put on the market. After working all summer, we finally put it on the market the first week of August and promptly went on vacation. That way the house would be showable for at least a week. When we returned we had a signed contract with no negotiations! Great news. The not so great news was that the buyers wanted a two week close and we had not even started looking for a rent house. Two weeks later we closed on the house but we still didn’t have a house to move into. We had to be out of our house in 5 days! So during all the packing and trying to find a rent house, we found out we were expecting. For various reasons, we decided to wait for a while before telling anyone. We found a house with 2 days to spare and moved in that weekend. We spent the next couple of months unpacking, working and schooling… just the normal stuff that totally fills your days. When I was 16 weeks we told the children we were expecting and the news quickly spread to our in town friends. We also told our parents and siblings. My thought was that I would send out a Christmas letter and put the news in there. What was I thinking? I rarely do Christmas letters when everything is going smoothly, how was I going to do one while spending most of my time in bed with all day sickness? So then I thought, I’ll do New Years letters! Again, what was I thinking? Oh well, there’s always Easter! Easter is just so close to the due date, we’ll just send out those cute announcements that everyone else does! I guess I have a small problem with procrastination!

So, I’m hoping that this journal will give those of you who have not completely written us off a glimpse into our lives.

Oh, by the way, I’ve had a reality check since having the baby and we’re not sending out those cute announcements. What was I thinking? I couldn’t get it together enough to do those for any of my other 5 children and somehow I’m miraculously going to get it together enough to do them for number 6? ….of course, there is always the Christmas letter!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!