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We have had a fairly relaxed week this week. It was our off week for co-op and so we didn’t feel a rush to have certain things done by Thursday. Also, Carl worked for hospice all week, except Tuesday, so that meant that we didn’t have a vehicle on those days. It was actually very nice just staying home with nowhere to go. I’ve started a Bible Study for homeschool moms once a month and last night was our first meeting. It’s been a long time since I have lead a Bible study, it felt really good to connect at a different level with other moms.

Gabriel, Phoebe and Benjamin learned about cells in our biology this week and so today we made cells out of cookies. Josiah and a friend joined in as they are taking high school biology this year. Christian didn’t want to decorate a cookie, just eat the broken ones and scarf down the left over icing. It’s nice to have teenagers to take care of things like that!

It was fun listening to the kids talk about cytoplasm, cell walls, eukariotic and prokariotic cells. Josiah made bacterium, not sure why his organelles are all over the place, other than he really likes sour spaghetti gummies!

Esther is well on her way to potty training… at least she thinks she is…

…all she needs is a little encouragement from Benjamin to do things that he thinks are hilarious and makes everyone else roll their eyes.

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