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weekend goodness..

The holiday weekend has been so very good around here. It started with pizza night, of course, and a visit from Carl’s brother and his family for the evening.

On Saturday, we attended a good friend’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was good to see how other Troops do their ceremony. This young man helped with both Christian and Josiah’s projects and they helped with his. I love seeing these boys become young men…right before my eyes.

On Sunday, Benjamin got to sing in our worship service. The praise team sang “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns, there’s a child’s part and he sang it in front of about 300 people. (I took the picture during practice so as to not disrupt anyones worship – just so you  know.)  I love that our church allows our young people to really serve. The worship and production teams have teenagers serving each week, playing guitars, running lights and sound. A lot of the teenagers rotate serving in the children’s area also. It’s pretty cool.

Our church also recognized all of the graduates during the service. It was amazing seeing them up there and realizing that I have seen each one of them service in different areas of our church over the years. (ok, this picture I took during service…but it was during the greeting time…I try not to be an obnoxiously proud mama.)

After church, some of my guys (including my husband) went to play paintball at a friend’s ranch. That left me some much desired quiet time to explore the 30 Day Vegan Workshop I’m taking. Hopefully, I’ll be more prepared next week.

I’m realizing more and more that I really need some quiet time each day. Just to think… I’m toying with the idea of getting up an hour or so earlier so I can have more quiet time in the morning.

Today we’ll have another visit from Carl’s brother and his family and maybe, just maybe, a multi family kickball game…

Wishing you and yours a very memorable Memorial Day. Remember to thank those who so willingly have served our country.

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Wednesday 30th of May 2012

oh,no...I'd have a riot on my hands! But we've found a local co-op to purchase raw milk products and grassfed and organic meat that is cheaper than the grocery store but still more than I'm used to paying. So I thought if I can serve a few more plant based meals it would help even out my budget. Really I'm just doing the workshop to get some good recipes and some new ideas. It's been really good. I'd like to take her Whole Foods Workshop next times she offers it.

Rachel E.

Wednesday 30th of May 2012

Ooh, vegan? Are you going vegan?