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This week….

It’s been a busy week here, folks. I looking forward to next week when there’s no home school co-op, drama or dance. I have visions of spring cleaning my house. My children are not quite as excited.
This week we …

…decorated a table for our ballet company’s Dinner with the Nutcracker fundraiser. Our theme was Chinese Tea. We chose to go the non-traditional simple route. Simple means elegant, right?

…had our last co-op meeting until January. I love, love, love co-op but I’m so ready for a break for a few weeks.

…made a triple batch of this amazing granola, click here you’ll be glad you did. I gave some to my friend from Kenya. They’ve had a hard time finding a cereal they like. They like this one – so do my children. I realized this morning it’s almost gone.

…are putting the finishing touches on drama costumes. An ascot here, an arm garter there, cutting down a pair of pants from a size 46 to about at size 30. You know, just the normal every day costume stuff.

…are working on getting a little more disciplined in our life (ok, my life). I’m part of the launch team for Crystal Paine’s new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and I’m doing the Seven Day Challenge. Want to join me? Here’s the link.

…planted our garlic. I know, it’s kind of late, we’ll see what happens.

…picked lots of lemons from the lemon tree. They seem to all be ripening early this year.

…are praying for those of our in the path of the arctic storm that’s heading our way. We’re just south of the freeze line, so we’re just getting lots of wind, some rain (yay) and cold but not freezing temperatures.

…are making our list for the Thanksgiving meal. This is my children’s favorite day of the year! I think that’s really funny.

Wishing you a lovely weekend, Friends!

What have you been up to this week?

Thanks for sharing with your friends!