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::this week::

This week, we are…

…surprised by the luffas growing in the garden. Yes, I planted them but they took about 8 weeks to germinate.

…excited that our first group of hens are starting to lay.

…discussing who is laying and who isn’t.

…obsessed with “wipstick”, changing clothes and going to the bathroom.

…starting school.

…loving “Rip the Page” – mama is so pleasantly surprised.

…picking up banana boxes every time someone goes to town.

…packing up the living room and kitchen and feeling okay about it.

…looking for a new place to live.

…amazed that 32 chickens are okay for a rent house (in the country) but 6 children are not?

…taking a break from everything to play in the rain.

…praying for those in the path of Irene.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!


Monday 29th of August 2011

Thanks, Jane. That's a great tip!


Monday 29th of August 2011

You can sometimes tell who's laying and who's not by the comb. A nice large moist comb is usually a layer, older hens with dried up combs are usually not.


Saturday 27th of August 2011

Thanks, Rachel. Prayers are very appreciated. We know God has a place for us, it's just a matter of knowing it when we see it. The rain was amazing. The kids had such a good time playing in it. I sat on the porch enjoying it, too.

Rachel E.

Friday 26th of August 2011

God be with you as your family prepares for your move. I pray he provide a sufficient place for you all to live. The rain must be wonderful! I know it has been very dry there.