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::this week::

This week, I am…

 …enjoying my second cup of coffee

…listening to the birds singing their morning songs on our front porch

…missing Gabriel, who has been at a boy scout leadership camp all week

…excited about picking Gabriel up this afternoon

…needing to get a couple of loads of laundry washed and hung before we leave

…smelling lemon scones baking for breakfast, compliments of Soule Mama

…thinking about our upcoming visit to a college for Christian and all the college/scholarship type work in our near future

…seeing the beginnings of blooms on our blueberry bushes

…sad that my camera is not working ~although it might be user error

…happy that I have a camera on my phone, not the best pictures but pictures none the less

…sending mixed messages to Esther (aka Miss America who loves lipstick)

…feeling very thankful for this amazing life that God has blessed me with

Wishing you a very thankful and blessed Thursday.

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