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::this week::

This week, we…

… are inspired by the wildflowers all around us

…noticed the small “lemons” on the lemon tree

…are smelling the orange blossoms on the satsuma tree

…are watching the birds build nests in the houses we put up

…visited a college campus and took pictures of the “Second Largrest Eiffel Tower”

…traveled 16 hours to visit said college

Not every day you see a sign with your name on it while your driving down the road. This is the sign for a town named “Carl’s Corner”

…didn’t accomplish much schoolwork, except Josiah who pretty much always stays on track

…had fun spending the night with friends (it is a true friend who will watch 4 of your children in addition to 6 of her own!)

…made baby shower gifts

This is what we see when we drive down our street

…used up the last of our basil pesto from last years garden

…continued to try to figure out what is wrong with the real camera – still hoping it’s user error

… are trying to remember that there is enough time to do everything that God wants us to do

Thanks for sharing with your friends!