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Inspired by SouleMama…

Catching a bee swarmThis week I got to take Gabriel to go catch a swarm for someone. Carl is usually the one to take him so it was really fun for me get to go this time. I’ll have a full post up next week of the whole adventure.

Have a lovely weekend, Friends!

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Friday 11th of April 2014

YIKES! We want bees, but I'm not sure I have enough gusto for doing something like that!


Friday 11th of April 2014

Oh my goodness, that is a LOT of bees!!!! *shivers*... They are amazing creatures, but they terrify me a bit. :-P You are a stronger women than I am!

Here is our moment if you feel like stopping by!

It's been a heavy and intense week here, but happy amazing moments are always there to remind us that life is GOOD!

Have a great week-end!