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Inspired by SouleMama


One of our hens hatched some babies. I love watching her teach these little ones. This mama hen showed up in our yard one rainy day last fall. I thought she was ours, then we counted. We went up and down the street looking for her real home – no one claimed here.

She’s not as friendly as our other hens, but, oh, she’s such a good mama. Don’t mess with her babies – this mama who was at the bottom of the pecking order – she’ll set you straight. And babies, don’t go to far away – she’ll set you straight, too. She’s the model “mother hen”.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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Sofia's Ideas

Sunday 3rd of November 2013

I love this - the photos and the words...

A moment that melted this mama's heart...

1000 Hours Outside

Friday 1st of November 2013

How sweet!! Our kids would love to be there! Here's ours:


Friday 1st of November 2013

Love, love, love the one of her leading her chicks away.


Friday 1st of November 2013

Darling!!!! I baby peeps!

Rachel E.

Friday 1st of November 2013

Laughing about the pecking order thing. Our first hen to hatch out some chicks was the same way. She was mean and wouldn't let the rooster mate with her. So, she was lowest in pecking order. She was a good mamma, but very mean. The kids dubbed her mean buffy.

I still remember when we had an animal out and about and she had signaled to the chicks to hide. We were certain the animal ate her chicks. She was squawking and pacing. We sent someone out to search for the creature and the possibility of remaining chicks. Wouldn't you know, when the mamma felt secure, she softly clucked and the chicks came out of hiding.

Animals are amazing to watch.