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This Moment

Inspired by Soule Mama

Let me introduce you to my early morning helper. In her own words, “I love to help you mama. You’re my favorite mama in the whole world.”

I just love 4 year olds!

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

Sofia's Ideas

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

That is so sweet! Angie, she is an adorable helper!

This moment was fun for them, and full of gratitude for me...

Angi Schneider

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

Thanks Sofia! I loved your water park moment. Your photography is so very good!

Rachel E.

Saturday 11th of January 2014

I love it when little kids want to cook and enjoy it. Great picture. She's getting so big.

Angi Schneider

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

I know, it's crazy how big she is. I think she seems bigger because she hangs out with teenagers all day and so doesn't really act like your typical 4 yo.

Kevin and Jennifer Hadley

Friday 10th of January 2014

Is that french toast? Or 'one eyed toast?' (Toast grilled when an egg fried into the middle) I'm guessing french toast, but I've been craving one eyed toast. Just hard to make it for a meal with 9 chewing members of the family. :)

Angi Schneider

Wednesday 15th of January 2014

It's french toast. I haven't made one eyed toast in a long time. I bet she would like it, I wonder if my older kids remember it? Thanks for the reminder. I would probably need several pans going at one time...