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Texas Renaissance Festival

Here’s a few pics from our recent trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival. The older boys were pretty much on their own so they are not represented well in the pictures. Rest assured that they had a great time talking to the blacksmith, looking at chainmail and swords, eating turkey legs and just generally being unaccompanied by the parents. We went on the offical school days so it was a bit toned down!

Phoebe and Benjamin’s first elephant ride!

During the artillery expo, Christian got to light the cannon. Super cool!

Benjamin being beheaded for being a “potty mouth name caller”. How did they know?

Phoebe getting her face painted. We may try to do this on our own next year.

So, this is obviously not from the the Festival, but I had to include Esther’s first real bath. She now loves playing in the tub!!

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