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surprise visit

Gabriel and the coveted box of chocolate covered cherries

Monday afternoon we had a surprise visit from Grandpa and Grandma Schneider. The kids love it when they get these kind of surprises. You never know what kind of treasures will come, usually a good amount of stickers, maybe a calendar (or datebook) or two, maybe a t-shirt or two and usually cappuccino mix (or “cuppuccina” as Grandma calls it). The highlight treasure this time was a box of chocolate covered cherries.
You see, Grandma is famous (as Benjamin would say) for chocolate covered cherries. She loves to give them and receive them and my children love, love, love them because of her.
My sister once asked if my children really did like them, I assured her they did. I’m sure they like that they are chocolate and sickly sweet. But what I think they really like, is that they remind them of Grandma and all the love they experience when she’s around.
I teased Grandma that she was just emptying out her stash so she could replenish it again! Because I know that it will be replenished because Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without chocolate covered cherries.
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Thursday 1st of October 2009

Those yummy things were a tradition at our house too! My dad always got those and my mom got M&M's for Christmas. We always got to have some samples!