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With windows open I can hear the cars rushing down the street carrying people to work and school. I also hear the morning doves begin their busy day of foraging. And, of course, Cogburn telling us that, yes, in fact, the sun is up. Everyone else is in bed. I’ll let them stay there until they are each ready to get up. No rushing for us this morning.

As I sit here this morning my mind slows down and I can focus on what the day/week holds for us – or what it *might* hold for us. And reflect on what has already passed.

…seeing Elmo hanging from a bumper on Monday caused my children to chant “Save Elmo” for about 2 miles of drive time. After assuring Esther that this wasn’t the real Elmo she even joined in.

…watching our citrus trees come alive with blooms and now baby fruit. I’m declaring this will be a good year for citrus.

…my garden, on the other hand, isn’t doing as well as I would like. I have a case of disappearing plants. And lack of time to tend to it properly. I’m declaring it will be an ok year for vegetables.

…and, What?, you ask, would cause a very dedicated gardener, even one who wrote a book on the subject, to not tend her garden properly? The Sound of Music, of course. (Phoebe is all the way to the left as 5 year old Gretl)

…drama practice, singing practice, choreography practice, costuming and now stage set up is taking up lots of time this year. But it is so worth it to see the kids shine!

…the school year winding down. We’re counting our lessons by how many we have left instead of how many we’ve done. The last day of co-op is tomorrow (it’s always bittersweet)

…trying to explain to a 3 year old (and 11, 13, 13 &16) why someone would hurt other people they don’t even know, in a way that doesn’t cause fearfulness.

…keeping our conversations limited about things that cause stress and worry for our children. Not only the Boston bombing but also dad’s office closing. We’ve entered our first week of unemployment.

…prioritizing the honey-do list. I’m going to try to fully capitalize on Carl being home for a short time. (I’m actually pretty excited about this part)

…knowing that in all things God is still in control and the evidence of that is all around – we just need to be still and look for it. Praying for those whose loved ones have been lost of hurt in the bombings.

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Wednesday 17th of April 2013

I wonder why your plants are disappearing? Around here we are having a slug apocalypse and I'm having to hot cap and Sluggo everything!

So sorry about the unemployment. Hang in there - it's always for a reason! Plus it's always nice to have daddy home for awhile. :)

We had a hard time explaining "bad people do bad things" to our little ones the other night as well. It breaks my heart to see them try to understand, and then worry about it. Thankfully the T.V. isn't on very often for them to see the horrible things.

Angi Schneider

Friday 19th of April 2013

I *think* it's the pill bugs. The plants that are disappearing are the seedlings. There one day gone the next. We have lots of pill bugs in the garden and usually that's a good sign of healthy soil but if there's too many they will start eating seedlings.

It is fun having dad home for a while. I've already gotten several doors fixed and part of a tree taken down.

Rachel E.

Wednesday 17th of April 2013

Sorry to hear about the unemployment. It's good to see that you are keeping busy, though. I hope your garden shapes up. Perhaps you will find time to tend to it soon enough.

Our garden is still not even planted. The weather was either wet or there was no one to help me. Hopefully, I can get this all done this weekend, but with the kids' schedule, I am limited for time.

Angi Schneider

Friday 19th of April 2013

The kids' schedules are really what's taking my time from the garden. But it really is ok. I've resolved to enjoy these few years my children are at home. I will have all kinds of time once they're gone.