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Preparing for College

Tomorrow morning we’ll be taking Christian 8 hours away to go to college. I’m filled with many conflicting emotions, but God has been faithful this last month to give me just what I’ve needed to assure me that He will take care of my child. Going so far as to let us meet a sweet couple from the town of 21,000 people that the college is in while on vacation in Colorado on a train we weren’t even supposed to be on.

This preparation has really been going on for the last 18 years as we’ve tried to help Christian listen to and follow God’s promptings…even when that differs from what we see or want or think. You see, I’ve thought for many years that Christian would be a writer of some sorts as an adult. He is a veracious reader, loves language (in fact he just bought a book about the origins of English words and has been reading it for fun), has written several novels just for fun and his dream summer job was working in a local used bookstore.

About 2 years ago he told me he wanted to be a jeweler. How do you even do that? Can you really make a living doing that?  This is what came out of my mouth when he told me. I know, not my most encouraging mom moment. But as we began searching out the answer to my first question we also got the answer to my ridiculous second question.

So for the last year or so he’s been preparing to go to jewelry school. He’s been talking to local jewelers (several have been extremely kind and have offered lots of wisdom). He’s taken 4 of his 7 academic classes as dual credit classes at our local community college. We’ve visited the college… twice. He’s been filling out scholarship applications and pinching his pennies.

We’ve spent the last two weeks getting together everything he needs for his dorm. If you have a girl, your list will be much longer because they like to decorate. Boys, well at least my boys, don’t really care. When I asked Christian this morning what blanket he was going to take he said, “I haven’t decided yet?” ok, I guess you’ll know by tomorrow. The list of things we bought included XL twin size sheets, 3 pair of jeans, hand towels, sneakers, paper plates and bowls. A sweet lady on Freecycle gave us a dorm refrigerator and a microwave. My sister loaded him up on toiletries.
The big dilemma was popcorn. We are a huge popcorn eating family. We make it on the stove almost every day. But Christian can’t have a hot plate in his dorm room. I’ve also asked my kids not to eat microwave popcorn based on some of the things I’ve read. We do eat it occasionally, like when we’re at some one’s house and they serve it. But I really don’t want them eating it everyday.
I’ve heard that you can make your own microwave popcorn but I don’t like the idea of using paper bags. So, I was pretty excited when we found this recipe for making popcorn in a glass bowl.
And, guess what?
I just bought a “new” glass bowl and lid at Goodwill for $1.50 last Saturday. I already have two but I just couldn’t pass it up. Now Christian can take this one. We don’t like to put plastic in the microwave so instead of a vented microwave cover we’re just using the glass lid…propped up with chopsticks.
Popcorn and chopsticks…essential college preparation…who knew?

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Rachel E.

Friday 24th of August 2012

Who knew? Not me, that's for sure. Glad to hear things are going well for you all during this transition.


Monday 27th of August 2012

Thanks, Rachel