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Please Pray

Late Tuesday night Phoebe was admitted to the local hospital, affectionately known to her and Carl as “the spa”. She has an infection near her ankle that doesn’t have any kind of wound on it. They’ve been giving her IV antibiotics since she was admitted and the infection is starting to respond. They still don’t know exactly what it is, but should know today or tomorrow.

Carl’s been staying with her all this time. It breaks my heart not to be up there, esp. at night but the baby has to stay away from her until we know what it is. Although Carl is much more fun than I am! I am definately the worrier. She has the camera so I’ll post pictures later of things like the hospital bed ride she gave her brothers.

My children have only been on antibiotics a handful of times in their lives, and when they are on them I give them acidophilis. The antibiotics that they are giving Phoebe are way stronger than amoxil and I want to start her on some probiotics as soon as she gets home. We’re out of kefir and I can’t find anyone who has extra and its too hot to be shipped from afar. Any ideas on on a tablet probiotic?

If all goes well, she will get to come home tomorrow. Christian also comes home tomorrow. Hopefully by Sunday we will all be home ~ the first time since June 6th ~ and all will be right in my world.

Thanks for your prayers, we’ll keep you posted!

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Shelly Larson

Monday 6th of July 2009

I found your blog and love what you've done with it! Phoebe is home from the hospital now and we continue to pray for complete healing.

Andrea C. Parker

Saturday 4th of July 2009

Saw Carl's message on Facebook last night - Edwin and I have been praying for her and you guys!