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Our Weekend

This past weekend we took a mini vacation. Sorry, no pictures. Although I brought the camera I kept forgetting to use it!

Friday night we went to a CC Hooks game. It was so much fun. We are not huge baseball fans, as was evident when we were trying to explain the game to Benjamin and we all kept saying “You know in kickball when….” We sat on the grassy area on blankets and I realized I don’t have a blanket big enough for all of us.

We spent Saturday with visiting grandparents, going to half priced book, Dairy Queen and Asian Buffett. The Asian Buffett was a highlight with the kids, you see, they have a little tradition. When the fortune cookies come, they eagerly crack them open, read them, add “on the toliet” to the end of every forturne and laugh histerically!

On Sunday we visited Bay Area Fellowship. I love visiting other churches, it doesn’t really matter the style of the church as long as they are theologically solid. I love exposing my children to different styles of worship and preaching and later talking with them about what they liked or didn’t like, why they think the church does what it does, etc. Bil at Bay Area is doing a series on finances and he had a guest preacher, David Hughes, give the message this Sunday. It was a great, thought provoking engaging message.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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