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Moving Towards Independence…

This evening Christian left for a two week Boy Scout trip to Canada.
Actually, the camp is in the states and they will be canoeing the boundary waters of the US and Canada for 7 days. They will spend 3 days traveling to Northern Tier High Adventure camp and then 4 days traveling back. For the 7 days that they are canoeing they will canoe 10-15 miles a day plus hike any areas that they cannot canoe. This will be a trip of a lifetime.
Christian has spent the last 6 months getting ready for this trip, mostly figuring out how to pay for it. He wrote an essay and applied for and received a scholarship that helped with some of the cost, several relatives helped with some of the cost and he worked for several friends doing yard work and helping with construction. He’s done a great job and learned alot about working hard to get something you really want. I’m a proud mama!
I’m also a sad mama. I can’t believe my “baby” is big enough to go on a trip like this without me or Dad! These next 2 weeks are going to be hard for me, yet I know this all part of growing up.

Thanks for sharing with your friends!

The Schneiders

Monday 22nd of June 2009

Thanks Annette. He should be arriving at camp today and they start canoeing tomorrow!

BTW, I love your blog and etsy store! Pretty cool.

Cottage In The Sun

Saturday 20th of June 2009

I bet he'll have a great time and learn a lot!(Annette)