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Mexican Wedding Cookies

SchneiderPeeps - Mexican Wedding Cookies 3 ways. Traditional, whole wheat and gluten free

{Warning:: In this post I’m sharing the similarities of baking with three different flours, gluten free flour being one of them. If you are making a gluten free dish to serve to people who are on gluten free diets, please use proper protocol. Everyone reacts differently to gluten and some people have a very severe reaction, so please do your research about how to best prepare gluten free food.}

My family is so sad that this is the last week of International Cookie Month. We’ve had so much fun sharing some of our family favorites with you. This week’s theme is a cookie that freezes well. So, I’m sharing another family favorite, Mexican Wedding Cookies. 

When Gabriel saw me making these on Saturday, he asked “Are you making Esmer’s cookies?” That’s what we call them in our home, in honor of my stepmom who introduced me to these cookies years ago. When I assured him I was, he was very happy. Later that evening we had 40 teens coming over and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a taste test of the three different flours that Bob’s Red Mill sent me. 

I’m not a gluten free baker, in fact, it very much intimidates me. But so many people are gluten free that it is something I’ve wanted to delve into. Of course, I can make something like fruit crisp which only has oats and is gluten free, but to take a gluten recipe and make it gluten free and have it taste good is not something I’m comfortable doing. So, I was really excited to try Bob’s 1 to 1 Gluten Free Flour, according to their description it can be used just like all-purpose flour without adjusting anything. 

Mexican wedding cookies dough

Mexican wedding cookies are a super simple recipe that just includes butter, vanilla, water, flour, pecans and powdered sugar. In my opinion, they are a one bite (maybe two bite) cookie that crumbles in our mouth. I was careful to make the doughs at the same time, keeping the gluten free ones separate from the other. I used the porcelain bowl for the gluten free. 

Mexican wedding cookies dough comparison

All three doughs were very similar when I mixed them. Other than the color I did not think there was any difference between them. 

roll into balls

I used my cookie scoop to scoop out the dough, then I halved it and rolled it to make 2 balls per scoop. At this point I noticed that both the whole wheat and the gluten free were more crumbly and took a little more work to make balls. By the way, this is a great step for children to help with. Who doesn’t love rolling cookie dough between their hands, especially cookie dough that mom will let you eat raw? 

baked gluten free and all purpose flour

When they came out of the oven the gluten free ones were not as dark as the ones make with all-purpose flour. I think they could have stayed in the oven another minute or two. I also noticed a few more cracks in them than were in the all-purpose ones. 

baked whole wheat and all purpose flour

The wheat ones were much darker (of course) and they aslo had more cracks in them. 

roll in powdered sugar

Normally, I put about 10 cookies in a zip lock bag with powdered sugar while they are still warm and give them a gentle shake. I decided to not do that with the gluten free or whole wheat ones since a few of them were crumbling as I took them off the baking sheet. I always break a few doing this but I always have someone around to eat the broken ones, so it’s all good. ;-). For the gluten free and whole wheat cookies, I put the powdered sugar in a bowl and rolled them in it. 

Mexican Wedding cookies cooling on rack

Once sugared you can’t tell a difference. Because I knew which ones were which I felt like the whole wheat ones and the gluten free ones were a bit more crumbly, but not one of the 40 teenagers noticed. 

To freeze, you can either freeze the dough in balls before baking or after. When you want to make some cookies, just put the balls on a baking sheet, bake and then roll in powdered sugar. Or bake and cool but don’t roll in powdered sugar. When you want to serve them, take them out of the freezer and let the cookies thaw and then roll in powdered sugar. My favorite way is to freeze them raw. 

Even though I felt like the gluten free and whole wheat cookies were a little too crumbly, I am so very pleased with the flours, especially the gluten free. I feel like I can confidently bake a gluten free desert when we have guests who are gluten free and not be worried about the flavor or texture being gross. And that, my friends, is a good feeling. 

Yield: 5 dozen

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mexican Wedding cookies cooling on rack

These cookies are melt in your mouth delicious. This recipe makes about 5 dozen cookies so is a great recipe for a crowd.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 1 cup butter - softened
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tsp water
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • powdered sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine butter, sugar, water and vanilla.

Mix in flour and pecans.

Form into small balls (about the size of a marble).

Bake for 20 minutes (use a timer)

After removing from oven let cool for just a minute and then roll in powdered sugar.

Let cool completely on racks - try not to eat them all while they are cooling.

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Diane Decker

Thursday 8th of December 2016

I just stumbled across this recipe while looking for a gluten free recipe for Mexican Wedding Cookies. I'm glad they turned out okay with Bob's 1 to 1. HOWEVER, I am not criticizing, just providing some friendly information from a diagnosed celiac who winds up in the hospital if I am subjected to even the tiniest bit of gluten.

Please do not bake three kinds of cookies at the same time, on the same counter, even on the same cookie sheet. Especially do not use the same powdered sugar for cookies made with wheat flour and those made with gluten free flour. The protocol for baking gluten free is incredibly strict. Cross-contamination is very serious and it takes such a miniscule amount to make someone very very sick. If you have questions, you are welcome to email me. I would be happy to help.

Angi Schneider

Friday 9th of December 2016

Diane, thank you very much for your comment. I'm adding a disclaimer to the post to clarify the cross-contamination issue. When I make a gluten free dish for family or friends who are gluten free I don't make them side by side like I did for this post. This purpose of the post was to show the similarities of cooking with the Bobs 1 to 1 flour, whole wheat and all purpose flour but I can see by how I presented it that it appears I'm cooking these side by side and then I'm going to serve them to someone who cannot have gluten. Thanks again!


Saturday 1st of November 2014

How wonderful that your wedding cookie recipe works with all three flours, Angi! Due to nut allergies, I have to use a wedding cookie recipe (very similar to yours) without pecans. Your success with these has me anxious to try out the different flours on a nut-less version! A frozen bag of wedding cookie dough balls would be a great thing to have for cookie emergencies! :)

Christy Rogers

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

Hey there!! Do you use the same amount of wheat flour as you would white!!! Hope things are well!! 9

Angi Schneider

Thursday 30th of October 2014

Hey! I did use the same amount. I haven't tried these with freshly ground flour but if I were to, I would use the soft white berries and pack the flour like I do brown sugar. We're doing great. I can't believe it's almost the holiday season again and another year over. Time is just flying by. Hope you guys are doing well and staying warm ;-)

Sheila @Life, Love, and Good Food

Wednesday 29th of October 2014

A friend shared a recipe with me years ago that is similar called "Sand Tarts" -- I love that yours have been adapted for the different methods. Looks delish!

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