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look what the stork brought

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You might remember that a few weeks ago I mentioned that a friend from church brought over some eggs for out incubator.
Well, Friday night we returned home from a play and found this little guy walking around in the incubator (Esther calls it the dehydrator…)

Three babies hatched while we were out. Another 2 eggs were cracked so we did what any other person would do, we stayed up until 1am watching them hatch.

It was a pretty cool experience. We talked about being “chick midwives”, how they look like velosoraptures when they first come out of the shells and quite a bit of other silliness while we watched and waited.

Here they are today…fluffy and super cute. The daddy is an Americana and some of the mamas are also Americanas and some are Rhode Island Reds. It will be fun to see what they all look like when they grow up.

Let me just say that it wasn’t all fun and games and happy science experiment. We had several not make it. Some didn’t even hatch, a few tried really hard to hatch and even with help wound up dying, and three have some leg/feet issues.

After some research we realized that they have spraddled legs and curled toes. My friend Jennifer at Black Fox Homestead suggested I read this post by The Chicken Chick. I did and Benjamin and I set to work. First of all, if you do this you  really need VetRap, not the wrap they sell in the first aid aisle at the grocery store. We make braces and “shoes” for the three chickens. It took us about an hour and a half to get it all done. We’re hoping it works. Two seem to be responding well, one has just decided to lay on her tummy with her legs kicked back. I’m sure that’s not good.

Have you ever hatched eggs? Was it what you expected?  

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