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::holiday moments::

For Fourth of July, we had all of Carl’s family over and my sister and her fiance and his two children. This was the first time Carl’s family met the fiance and children.

We spent them morning getting ready and deciding what to we would cook. And, of course, we bought fireworks. Since we live in the country we can do fireworks whenever we an to but since there’s a drought and burn ban, there wasn’t anything too exciting being sold this year. However, it is amazing what teenage boys can do with sparklers.

All day I kept thinking I should take pictures but I found myself just enjoying. Enjoying the new dynamics of our family that new members bring. Enjoying Christian and Josiah who I haven’t seen in almost 3 weeks. Enjoying holding a baby again. Enjoying watching city cousins pick tomatoes and pull carrots and hunt for chicken eggs. Enjoying seeing Benjamin busting with pride as he told Carl that he and is almost cousin caught a gopher and were needing their 50 cents.

After everyone left, the kids decided to go for another fireworks run. Carl went with them and Esther and I got ready for bed. When they came home they had 408 sparklers!

Then they decided it was still early and they should go check the pond. The pond is in the pasture behind us and they go out there regularly to see what might be seen. There are several kinds of fish, turtles and snakes. This night they decided to go fishing.

With the drought who needs a pole or bait, we’ll just catch them “bear style”. And so they did. The pond is so low, they were able to catch fish with their bare hands. Gabriel was the designated catcher and he would toss the fish to Carl or Josiah. After one toss he lost his footing and did a Nestea plunge into the pond. So Benjamin went in to “help” him. All in all the caught an gar, some catfish and a couple of carp. The pictures that follow were all taken at night with my phone, so they are not the greatest but they make me smile.

This is the gar -also known as an alligator gar.

The obligatory pose for mom with the carp.

Gabriel pretending to be bit by a carp – carp don’t have teeth!

They cleaned fish until after 11pm. When I finally went to bed about 11, I could hear them laughing while they cleaned. Sweet, sweet boy sounds.

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Rachel E.

Friday 8th of July 2011

Uh, I think scorpions would most definitely be a banned arachnid. I was bit by a scorpion when I was a kid. I am so glad it wasn't a sting.

The Schneiders

Thursday 7th of July 2011

That's funny! At one time Gabriel had pet scorpions! When we moved into this house we had a scorpion infestation and after I got stung while sleeping we banned all scorpions from the house.

Rachel E.

Tuesday 5th of July 2011

Sounds like great fun! My son would love to be there along side your boys. He is into that sort of things. Just a few weeks ago he collected about 20+ snails for pets. Crazy kid! He kept them in his toy drawer. Eww. I told him he had to let the little slimballs go.