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Gift Wrapping Ideas

SchneiderPeeps - Handmade Christmas 2013I’m going to let you in on a little secret, althought I love making gifts, I’m not always the best at wrapping them so that they look pretty. I try but it’s just a gene that has missed me. So, I’m super excited to have Angel from Angel Navy Wife here to show us some great gift wrapping ideas.
If you’ve never been to Angel’s blog, you should go on over and visit her. She has all kinds of lovely crafts and decorating ideas. And her photos are just beautiful.
So, here’s Angel…
I love making things beautiful. It’s just part of how the Lord made me. The gifts that I give are no different. Sure, the gift itself is great, but how much more cherished do the recipients feel, knowing I also decorated the package just for them? 

Homemade candles 

I make homemade cards already, so I always have scrapbook paper on hand. 
For my homemade soap, I started wrapping the whole bar like a gift in scrapbook paper. 
I was going through a lot of paper, and the soap was hard to stack once it was wrapped, so  I tried just cutting a strip of paper and wrapping a sleeve around the soap. This also turned out elegantly and I do that quite often now as well (the bar on the left). 
A few years back my sister in law got married and moved into her first home right around Christmas time. So I sent a package of kitchen supplies, and this was one of the ways I dressed up that gift. It was a little corny but I thought it was fun. Just a strip of scrapbook paper around the handle and a fun tag { We WISK you a Merry Christmas} tied on with pretty ribbon.
For homemade gifts in a jar just a pretty tag and some nice ribbon goes a long way!
My go-to gift for little girls is a baking set. I just take inexpensive items  like store frosting and boxed cake mix, and whip out my trusty scrapbook paper and ribbon and dress it up. Little girls LOVE it, and they get to practice basic baking skills as well.
Even homemade playdough can be elegant when you dress up the packaging!
I have even taken empty Altoid tins, and clothespins and by using my trusty scrapbook paper, turned them into beautiful gifts!
I hope that this gives you a few ideas on how to inexpensively dress up your homemade gifts this CHRISTmas season. For more gift or packaging ideas, visit me at AngelNavyWife!


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Krystyna Thomas

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

This post is great! And just what I needed with lots of birthdays & the holidays coming up. That scrapbook paper wrapping is a favorite!

Angi Schneider

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

Who would have thought about wrapping with scrapbook paper? Angel did such a great guest post.


Tuesday 1st of October 2013

Love this post. My wrapping efforts are rather... forced. :-) Thank you for the holiday hop too!

Kathi @

Angi Schneider

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

Isn't Angel so gifted! My wrappings are pretty "forced" too. Thanks for linking up your jam....yum!