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Quick Start Guide to Growing Food

Are you concerned about rising food prices and supply chain shortages?

Growing a portion of your own food can help save your grocery budget and your sanity.

Fortunately, everyone can grow at least some of their own food….maybe it’s only a few potted herbs and tomato plant on the patio, or maybe it’s some beautiful Swiss chard tucked into the flower beds, or maybe it’s a few raised beds in the backyard…Of course, it could be a large acreage homestead or farm, but that’s not necessary to start growing your own food.

baskets of tomatoes, peppers, and okra in the garden

In this quick start guide you’ll learn…

  • How to start a garden from scratch
  • How use what you already have to grow food
  • Where to find seeds and plants – without breaking the bank
  • How to build soil
  • How to prioritize plants based on your space and preferences

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