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goose eggs and other fun stuff

Last week a guy that Carl works with gave us some goose eggs. Apparently, they found this goose that had been hit by a car and nursed her back to health. So now she lays eggs all over the yard, but with no male in sight they go unfertilized. So, he gave them to us. When asked if his family ate them, he said, “um,… no”. I guess he heard that the Schneider’s will try almost anything…
The kids say they are kind of “sweet” ( Mom has chosen to forgo the experience and let the kids have all the sweetness. )

the brown eggs are regular chicken eggs to give an idea of how huge the goose eggs are ::Gabriel’s idea, he’s pretty smart like that

Also, last week I decided to clean out the craft closet that was overflowing in the girls’ room, rearrange and make tidy the girls’ room, help Benjamin with his part of his and Gabriel’s room, make curtains for the 8 windows that don’t have them (or don’t have one’s I like) and make a canopy for Phoebe’s bed. I’m not sure why I thought I could get all this done in one week (actually at first I thought I could do it in a day and half!) Of course, not all of that got done, but we did get quite alot done and we feel a bit more settled!

Have a great week!

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